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Lincoln Castle Academy Uniform Policy

At Lincoln Castle Academy, we enforce our uniform policy. We believe that wearing a uniform gives our students a sense of belonging and identity that helps create pride in the academy.

We seek to inspire greatness in every child and to equip them with the academic achievements, life skills and personal attributes to lead happy, safe, successful lives. All students are expected to wear the designated Lincoln Castle Academy school uniform and we expect our students to be smartly dressed in preparation for their learning. At Lincoln Castle Academy, we want all our conversations to be about our students’ learning and outcomes.

Compulsory items


  • LCA blazer with crest
  • LCA tie (worn to the waist)
  • LCA pleated skirt (worn with 60 denier navy tights, no socks)
  • Trousers (smart black trousers, these must not be skinny fit, capri, leggings, jeans or flares)
  • Shirt (light blue long/short sleeve buttoned shirt with collar, the top button must always be done up)
  • Hijab (black/navy)
  • Shoes (black, flat, smart no trainers or boots)
  • Socks (plain black socks)
  • Coat (plain black/navy, with minimal logos)
  • Large bag/rucksack (no handbag)


Not permitted

  • No trainers/ pumps/soft shoes/boots (trainers are only permitted during P.E.)
  • No hoodies
  • No extreme hair styles or hair colours or eyebrow cuts
  • No make-up or nail varnish
  • No false eyelashes or false nails
  • No additional jewellery or smartwatches

All final decisions on what is acceptable, lies with the Principal



Official LCA items can be purchased from:

  • Uniform Direct, 333 High Street, Lincoln LN5 7DQ
  • Uniform Direct, Dixon House, Dixon Way, Lincoln, LN6 7XN
  • www.uniform-direct.com


Lincoln Castle guidance for school shoes

Over recent years the difference between trainers and shoes has become blurred. Inevitably, this has made it increasingly difficult for parents and carers to make sure that their children are in the correct uniform. To support parents, carers and their children, we have produced this document so that the correct footwear can be selected that is both smart and in keeping with our policies and values. What must never be forgotten is that during a school day, footwear will be buffeted and bruised. Therefore, it must be robust and up to those challenges. In addition to this, we are aware that parents and carers are often put under pressure to buy footwear that is high-fashion and branded. We have always felt that this kind of pressure and peer-pressure should be kept away from school. Therefore, there will be no branding of footwear at Lincoln Castle Academy.

Image of acceptable and unacceptable shoes Image of acceptable and unacceptable shoes

If you are unsure of what shoes are acceptable, please contact your child’s Head of Year or Learning Manager. It is always easier to check before you purchase the item.


Lincoln Castle guidance for school trousers

When students wear trousers to school, there must be no gap between their trousers and socks. Trousers should be long enough to touch the student’s shoes when standing. However, we recognise that some children will grow quickly. If your child’s trousers are not long enough to touch their shoes, their calf-length black socks must be pulled up, so no gap is visible.

Trousers must be straight in style and not tight-fitting in the legs. We do not allow students to wear jeans, cords, leggings, jogging bottoms, jeggings, tracksuit bottoms or pinstripes.

If you are unsure of what trousers are acceptable, please contact your child’s Learning Manager. It is always easier to check before you purchase the item.