Key Information

Admission arrangements

Applications for places in Year 7 at the Academy will be made in accordance with the co-ordinated admission arrangements in the local authority area in which the prospective pupil lives and will be made by the online portal provided and administered by the relevant local authority.

Lincoln Castle Academy will use the following timetable for applications each year which, whenever possible, will fit in with the common timetable agreed by the Lincolnshire local authority:

  • July/September/October – Lincoln Castle Academy will provide opportunities for parents to visit the Academy.
  • By 31 October – applications to be completed and returned to the relevant local authority to administer.
  • By 10 February – the Lincolnshire local authority applies the agreed scheme for its own schools, informing other local authorities of offers to be made to their residents.
  • 1 March – offers made to parents of pupils joining secondary provision.

The Governors will accept admissions into other year groups if there are places. If there are more applications than places, then the over-subscription criteria will be used to decide who should be offered the place. If there are no places, then you will be told of the independent appeal system.

Applications to transfer mid year should be made through the County Council Admissions Team. The County Council then contacts the school



To view Government School Admissions and Appeals Codes, please click here: