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Matilda – The Production

  • April 12, 2023

The week before Easter saw the return of our musicals. This year was Matilda. I have always been an advocate for our students and staff and the Herculean effort put in to get these shows off the ground. Having observed rehearsals and seen the progress of the students and the production over time, the many, many hours put in after school by the whole cast and crew I am as always in awe of the students and staff.

I would add that this year – due to the last few years – our senior pupils have not had the experience of going through the phases that previous children have had prior to leading the younger students.

The Saturday before the shows the students were in school for a whole day excitedly doing a dress rehearsal or two- and even from that day to the performances for St Francis’, two matinee performances and the all exciting evening shows the improvement in confidence, style, dramatic license and sheer professionalism in their performance was superb.

On the first evening, I was lucky enough to sit on the front row to watch the full show. As any of you who were in the audience that night will attest to, I danced along with the children, mouthed the words that I have become familiar with and beamed throughout with pride at the fantastic efforts of our students.

Speaking with our children – nothing could replace the experience they have had, the confidences gained, friendships made and  developed, and hope of more to follow. As always a huge thank you to the staff involved and with excitement I look forward to next year’s show!